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About Rick Gault

Rick Gault

Life Coaching is the foundation for all types of coaching. Why? Because everything in your life has one thing in common - YOU. Who you are, how you think, how you feel, how you act - these determine your level of success and fulfillment throughout all areas of your life. Problems in one area of your life will spill over to other areas. So, to improve any area of your life, we first have to improve you.

We all have life patterns - emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors - that impact our lives. Some of these patterns are helpful. For example, we're taught at a young age that a red light means stop. This pattern helps save lives. However, we also have patterns that hold us back. For example, the uncle that tells little Tommy that he's a failure and will never amount to anything. Is it any wonder that Tommy grows up to be a mess? These dysfunctional patterns can be eliminated. The result is that you become more the person you were born to be, not the person that has been molded by negative patterns imprinted on your consciousness by marketing, social pressures, or past experiences.

My goal is to help you eliminate the dysfunctional life patterns that are preventing you from making good decisions, meeting your goals, realizing your full potential, and enjoying a happy, fulfilling life.

For more than 40 years, I've been helping others improve their lives. I work with the same techniques that I've applied to my own life, so I know that they work. I've seen the changes in the lives of my employees, clients, and friends as we worked together to clear life patterns that were holding them back.

What makes my approach unique is the combination of proven coaching practices and powerful quantum energy healing techniques that remove patterns undermining success. Many people achieve a level of material success but fail to achieve true happiness. Education and on-the-job training don’t deal with the inner, personal issues that hold us back – issues that include fear, insecurity, anger, lack of focus, etc. It's the strength and clarity of the inner person that separates the truly successful from the rest.

My programs produce clear, powerful results. Let me help you remove the life patterns that are holding you back and install new patterns that contribute to your well being and fulfillment.



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