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Rick Gault Life Coaching
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life Coaching and Healing

There are many different types of coaches, because people have different needs and interests. Different types of coaching have arisen to deal with the different interests of individuals. Working with a coach who is a specialist in your field of work or interest brings confidence that your coach understands your specific needs and has the tools and techniques that will best serve you.

I hope that this section helps you make sense of the different types of coaching that are being marketed today, and will help you identify the coaching approach you need. The definitions of each type of coaching aren't clear cut. There is overlap and, in some cases, different terms are used to describe the same idea. However, there is all types of coaching use similar techniques and tools.

Common and popular coaching approaches include life coaching, business coaching, relationship coaching, spiritual coaching, executive coaching, management coaching, employee coaching, performance coaching, sex coaching, presentation coaching, team coaching, and others. And there are many others... As you can see, there are many approaches to coaching.

Life Coaching

My focus is on Life Coaching because I believe that all approaches to coaching are based on the same principles and strive to open your inner life to its full potential. Life Coaching is about exploring, examining, opening, and expressing your inner self - the person you were born to be, the person you will be after we remove all the various dysfunctional life patterns which have been imprinted on you by your family, your teachers, marketing, social pressure, and other external influences. Life coaching deals with life in all its aspects, not just one area of your life. As an example, the goal of Relationship Coaching is to improve your relationships by removing beliefs and behaviors that limit you from being your self, the prevent you from being your authentic self. Life coaching has the same goal, but doesn't focus just on relationships - it focuses on your entire life. The interesting thing is that, even if you are focusing on your relationships, the rest of your life changes also. If you remove limiting beliefs about yourself and your relationships with others, don't you think that will have an impact on your business? Your health? Your happiness? Your success? Of course it will.

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