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Rick Gault

I operate at the intersection of Business and Spirituality.

I am passionate about helping people eliminate the dysfunctional life patterns that are preventing them from meeting their goals, realizing their full potential, and enjoying a happy, fulfilling life.

For more than thirty years, I pursued parallel career tracks, expanding my knowledge, skills, and experience in both business and spirituality. As I worked with employees and friends using the same techniques I applied to my own life, I saw their professional and personal lives also improve. I realized that there is a desperate need to bring meaning to the lives of business owners, mangagers, and employees. As a result, I merged these career paths into a singular role as a Personal Fulfillment Business Coach.

What makes my approach unique is the combination of business expertise with powerful techniques for removing the underlying causes of behavior and emotional patterns that undermine success. Many people achieve a level of career and material success but fail to achieve true happiness. Education and on-the-job training don’t deal with the personal issues that hold us back – issues that include fear, insecurity, anger, lack of focus, etc. It's the strength and clarity of the inner person that separates the truly successful from the rest.

I help my clients work through the practical complexities of owning or working for a business. But I also address and strengthen the qualities of the client's mind, heart and spirit that form the true foundation for success in any career, and that result in true personal fulfillment and happiness.



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