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Rick Gault Life Coaching
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Capture the fort and everything in the territory is yours.
My Journey
I started my career as a teacher of meditation in the pursuit of spiritual goals. After 10 years, I decided I needed to experience the business world,, spending more than 30 years in a variety of positions in non-profit, private and public environments. When I retired, I decided to combine my business and spiritual experience to help others bridge the gap between career and spiritual growth --read more
Ask yourself these important questions...

Is your life following the path you want?

Are you consistently reaching your business and personal goals?

Are you earning the money you want to be earning?

Are you enjoying the outer signs of success, but feel some emptiness inside?

Did you answer 'No' to any of these questions? If so...

How would you feel if the values in all areas of your life were in perfect alignment?

How would it feel if you could consistently accomplish all your business and your personal goals with minimal effort?

How would you feel if you could enjoy both material prosperity and spiritual fulfillment?

How would your life be different if you could eliminate all the obstacles to reaching these goals?

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